Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missy Giove caught with 400 lbs of weed

Former professional mountain biker Missy "The Missile" Giove was charged Tuesday with marijuana distribution after investigators found 400 pounds of marijuana.

In a search of a cabin and Giove's borrowed truck and trailer, investigators found “marijuana, a money counter, a heat sealer, plastic bags identical in size and color and the type used to hold and conceal the marijuana seized in the trailer, nine cellphones and approximately $1 million in cash concealed in a duffle bag in a hallway closet and in assorted shoe boxes in the basement.”

Read more here. H/T to Chris Matthews, who writes, "Can you imagine it? A mountain biker? With pot?"


  1. ...missy "the missle" giove finally jumps the shark, ooops, i mean piranha...

    ...just sayin'...

  2. Any chance of a comeback from retirement is now up in smoke...

  3. Howdy--

    Those are your tax dollars at work, supporting arrogant fascists in their ideologically driven crusade. They spend billions pursuing people like Giove, and billions more imprisoning them. They claim the war on drugs isn't a war on people--tell that to Missy. I've met her many times, and she's a friendly, outgoing person--hardly a danger to society. The drug warriors claim they're trying to prevent people from ruining their lives, and to prove their point, they ruin people's lives.

    Our supposedly progressive president asked people to list their top concerns online. When legalization of marijuana came back as the number one or two issue, with tens of thousands of comments, he chose to dismiss those concerns with a condescending remark about what people who use the internet are smoking (this, from a confirmed nicotine and Blackberry addict).

    His joke was revealing. This is not funny. 800,000 people a year are harrassed (arrested) for this victimless crime, and 60,000 of them are currently incarcerated.

    This sucks.
    Ron Georg