Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A TV show about me!

I've recently learned there's a new TV show on the FOX network that's all about me! Chris Vance plays Dr. Jack Gallagher in "Mental." Gallagher runs the psychiatric ward at a hospital in Los Angeles and he gets around almost exclusively by BICYCLE. When he's in a car it's because he took a cab.

The show creators took some creative license with my true story, so here's a guide to the differences between the real life Dr. Jack Gallagher (me) and the fictional me (Dr. Jack Gallagher).

Gallagher commutes to work on one of many bicycles.I commute to work on one of many bicycles.
Gallagher owns several bikes that he hangs inside of his loftI own several bikes that are parked outside on the porch.
One of Gallagher's bikes is a repainted GMC Yukon road bike.I wouldn't be caught dead on a GMC Yukon road bike
His twin sister Becky calls him but never says what she's doing My brothers IM me late at night when I'm asleep
Gallagher runs a psychiatric wardI was once admitted to a psych ward. The doctors there were very kind.
Gallagher works with young, attractive oversexed colleagues who wear tight sweaters.I work with middle aged guys named "Sanjay" who wear sweater vests and talk about their favorite cricket teams.

I hope you enjoy Fox's "Mental" -- I have a lot of myself invested into it!


  1. ...ah, fritz...i'm having a little auction this weekend in which i'm going to sell my bridge...you know, the world famous golden gate bridge, right ???...

    ...well, being as you're such a nice guy i'm willing to guarantee you'll submit the winning bid & i'll even arrange financing...

    ...just sayin'...

  2. Do the Needful and get back to work.