Monday, January 11, 2010

Guys without bikes m4w

Craigslist missed connections and guys with bikes...

I mentioned it way back when but this classic best of CL is making the rounds again and it's worth another mention: this guy is confused by women's fascination with bicycles in CL missed connections.
It seems you hardly even saw the dude, so transfixed as you were by his yellow fixie. Honestly, is this the new chick magnet? Has the red sports car of the 80's been replaced with the fixed wheel bike?

That might explain some of the anti-cycling hate in Facebook and elsewhere: They're jealous. Back in the caveman days we competed for mates by hooting like chimps and bludgeoning each other with sticks. Through the modern age, economic status (or the appearance of it) seemed to work well. Joe Winebox believed the advertising that his shiny car from Smythe European (that's the name of a real Bay Area car dealership, no kidding!) would attract the perfect trophy wife, but when his tactic doesn't work, Joe might be tempted to revert to ape-like yammering squawks, threats and bludgeoning.

I probably read too much into it, so just have some fun with this.


  1. Assuming you've already seen this one:

  2. =v= Sooner or later an internal hub with planetary gears will be the new babe magnet. Then I can sneer about how cool I was before it was cool.

  3. Perhaps he is reading too much into it. The idea that humans will call humiliation "cool" in the name of social acceptance and mate-finding is nothing new; does he understand that he could have told the same kind of story about the tribulations foisted upon us by slavery to the automobile...