Monday, January 25, 2010

Two shaft drive bike repair jobs in a week

The one fiddly bit was removing the shaft drive “cog” (or is it an “acorn”) from the hub, and then re-installing it. It is kept in place on the hub with a really burly C-clip, which is hard to both put on and to take off.

A once a year opporunity to dust up my skills and re-read all that documentation I’d downloaded months ago, cool!

But then this happened three days later...
Read more at Flying Pigeon LA: Flying Pigeon Repair Bay Getting the Shafts. Via Biking in LA, which always has interesting links.


  1. Taking terminology from an automotive differential, which has a similar gear setup:

    The gear on the hub would be the 'ring gear', while the gear on the shaft would be the 'pinion gear'.