Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roadies and Wafels?

Pedaling.TV, the New York culinary cycling series, continues this week with "Roadies and Wafels." Cyclocross racer Meredith Miller gets a high tech bike fit then takes the lane in New York City with Joan Hanscom on their quest for the perfect Belgian Waffle served from a truck.


  1. Joan is a friend of mine. We've worked together at the (insert name of bank here) Philly Bike Race and a few other events. She now has her own event production company, just completed the USGP Cyclocross race series. She's the bees knees.

  2. " long as nobody opens their door on you..."

    Don't ride in the door zone and they won't.

  3. @Pete - cool!

    Is "wafel" a New York spelling?