Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Town considers banning bikes from bike path

From Go Blue Ridge in North Caorlina:

Officials on the Town of Boone’s Greenway, Parks, and Gardens Committee will discuss the possibility of prohibiting bicycles and joggers on portions of the Greenway Trail at their regular meeting Tuesday evening.

No word on if they plan to ban cars from the U.S. and State highways that pass through this college town.



  1. OK, Bikes I can see their point in a bike vs ped thing, (not saying it's right, but I see their logic) but banning Joggers?

    Something tells me a portion of this Greenway runs right next to a retirement community.

  2. Ha! On the original article, it only takes 3 comments before someone has chimed in about banning bikes off the street.

  3. And only a couple more comments until the obligatory spandex comment.

    Why do people have such a problem with cycling shorts and jerseys?

    Wannabees? Then don't let me see another replica of an NBA or NFL jersey on the field or court or sandlot. No NASCAR pit crew jackets. No MLB baseball caps. None of it. No more.

    Fruity? In Southern California I don't hear anyone complaining about surfers in wetsuits (what's more they change in/out of those things at the roadside in Malibu just by holding up a towel! Shocking!)


  4. And joggers? Was there an incident between the two factions?

    I'd love to see cars banned from highways. Drivers should drive their cars on the expressways where they belong.

  5. I believe this is the same screwed up municipality that will give you a $35 ticket for riding in the town limits without a helmet. Even though it IS NOT required by state law. Everynow and again I want to ride through town on one of the US or State highways without a helmet and challenge it in court. BTW I don't live in the area anymore or I would probably succumb to the temptation.