Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cyclelicious feeds in multiple languages

First of all, give a shout out to my buddy Aaron of There's a humorous article about Unibet's "Riddler" outfits.

Through the magic of computer translation and Yahoo Pipes, I now provide feeds for this blog in Japanese, German, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Spanish and French. U.S. English, of course, is still available.

This translation is done using Yahoo's Babelfish computer translation service, which means the text will be awkward but it can help with understanding. At the moment, the French translation doesn't seem to be working. Also, Babelfish limits the amount of text that's translated, so longer Cyclelicious posts will not be translated in the alternate language feeds. If you have a request for something like Greek or Italian, please feel free to comment.

I've been doing some other housekeeping, so that's why you might notice old posts and other oddities popping up in the feeds.

Finally, some cycling stories:


  1. FYI - you now show up in Google Desktop's Web Clips with Chinese characters whenever it checks your site.

  2. Yeah, I see that Google Desktop automatically found the new feeds and removed them. You'll need to remove the extra feeds manually from the Deskstop settings.