Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sherry Lynne White

Update: See Cyclelicious girly articles here.

There's been a surge of traffic to Cyclelicious of people apparently searching for nude photos of Navy officer Shery Lynne White on a bicycle. They were finding Paul Tay's comment about Sherry Lynne White's interview at Paul posted his own Sherry Lynne White thoughts at his site (with a patriotic themed photo).


  1. AMAZING! Good grief, PERVERTS. There are NO Sherry Lynne White Playboy nude pictures or pictorials on C-liscious either.

    GET OVER IT, jackass.

  2. No, there are NO Ivana Trump nude pictures or playboy pictorials here either.

    What kind of perverts would go to C-licious for pirate clips of Max Hardcore doing Asia Carrera anyways? I give up, people.