Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gaansari Gary posting again

I just noticed that Gaansari Gary is posting to his blog again. He writes about his visit with Greg LeMond at Palo Alto Cycles last week. Gary stopped blogging after he went to work for Tom Ritchey about this time last year.

"Passengers." Photo by King Dufus, a Hyde Park biker. Used with permission.
Wheelman writes about truly light rail: the rail velocipede.

Paul Dorn notes on London congestion charging and the dramatic increase in cycling there. "These people are not the mad, bearded loons of popular myth, their coat-tails flapping crazily as they pedal round the Elephant and Castle. The modern cyclist is making an elegant and intelligent response to pollution and traffic congestion." More on this at Treadly and Me and Velorution.

Way cool giant squid photo!!

Fixie 411, for those on the tail end of this fad.

Air bags for bikes?.

Sue in Urbana says "demotorize your soul."

Bicycle recall: The front wheel forks on Mirraco BMX bicycles could have been welded improperly. This poses a risk that the weld could fail, and the rider could lose control and fall.

Sponsorship woes for Tour de Georgia.

The 100 yard commute (by car).

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