Sunday, February 4, 2007

SAFE bicycle advocacy in Florida... NOT

The SAFE bicycle car advocacy group in Florida is advocating for laws mandating bike lane riding and prohibiting cyclists from riding side-by-side in those lanes.

Does anybody know who this "Jim Smith" in Florida is? Read CycleDog's commentary on this issue.

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  1. 50 clams Jim Smith is a pseudonym for a reporter from the Sun-Sentinel, the newspaper behind the scam.

    Florida has a very strong, close-knit bicycle advocacy community. NOBODY knows the dude or SAFE. Definately a red herring. But, very clever SCAM with the SAFE title. Kinda like the neo-con group American Enterprise Institute or the ultra- left wing People For the American Way. What a bunch of CROCK.

    With a name like SAFE, you KNOW it's a SCAM.