Thursday, February 1, 2007

Engineers' beer bust

There are apparently unconfirmed reports of a 'beer bust' last week at my work location. When you think 'beer bust,' what do you usually think?

Imagine, hypothetically, about 2,000 (primarily male) socially inept engineers all gathered in one place. Beer, peanuts and pretzels are available.

If you're picturing a junior high school dance, you're pretty close to this hypothetical reality.


  1. Actually, I was thinking a bunch of buxom ladies who enhanced their mangos with beer.

    Balding, middle-aged male engineers, on Prozac and Levitra, trying to live out their wild and crazy juvenile deliquent days they NEVER had when they were actually juveniles NEVER crossed my mind when 'beer' and 'bust' are mentioned in the same breath.

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday, people! Suppose you post pix of this said 'beer bust' for the rest of us to make snide comments.

  2. What photos, Paul? This was hypothetical.

  3. I love hypotheticals like that...

    Like all the hypothetical drinking I could have done in Taiwan with all of my alleged vendor partners. It didn't happen of course and I certainly did get the nickname "Sake King" while at dinner having sushi. That never happened.

  4. My bad. I started drinking again.