Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More bike haiku

A couple more people posted their bicycle haiku creations. I'm obligated to link to them.

Warren T writes about the slush.

Logan likes his curious machine.

Bicycle News

Here's something I've discussed with local advocacy groups: specialty bike retailers have to decide whether to continue to focus on serving non-Hispanic white males or reach out to the growing population of Latinos and Asians, says Brad Edmonson of at the Bicycle Leadership Conference. “The new America is already here. Your choice is to either join it or fade away with the old America,” Edmonson said. Read more at BRaIN.

Atlanta burb proposes single-file bike restrictions.

100 mile bike race in the arctic coming soon. Jill's training for it.

DIY bike hoist.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group had a Cool Commutes conference, focusing on what companies in the Valley are doing to reduce single occupant vehicle commutes. One of the dramatic reports comes from Yahoo, where 36% of Yahoo headquarters employees get to work without driving solo. This is double the 18% mode-shift that the corporation committed to the City of Sunnyvale when building permits were first issued.

20,000 bicycles for self-service rent in Paris, France.

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