Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yahoo Pipes and bicycle love

Yahoo Pipes is flexible and easy to use, but with advanced features that promises some cool tricks. I spent 10 minutes reading the intro, looked at a couple of examples and created my first Pipe: The Cyclelicious Bicycle Love photos. Total time was maybe 20 minutes.

The Cyclelicious Bicycle Love pipe takes the Cyclelicious feed, runs it through Yahoo's "Content Analyzer" module, and uses that output to find photos that are somewhat related to Cyclelicious posts. If you're a Flickr fiend, there's even an RSS feed for this set of photos you can subscribe to. If you like, you can open up my Pipe, edit it to include your blog's RSS feed instead, then save it yourself.

I intend to explore Yahoo Pipes some more. You can filter on keywords, combine feeds, translate, use localization (mapping) modules, sort input, take user input, and do string manipulation.

If you have ideas for interesting mashups involving bicycles or if you've created your own pipes, please feel free to comment and post your links here.

Update: Here are some more pipes I've created --


  1. Cool. I read about this the other day and considered some of the possibilities, but this seem like a nice practical application. I'll have to fool around a bit myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. has an interesting take on th "bicycle is a pipe bomb" story, though if it really *is* a punk band I"m surprised it doesn't have *something* else on the web. That's really underground!!!

  3. Cool, Rad Spannerei in English. I just added it to my feeds.