Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bicycles on the Santa Monica Freeway

"I bike where bikes are banned," writes Perry. He and 9 friends illegally rode their bicycles through congested traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway west of I-405. Here's video of their exploit.

In my area, it appears freeway traffic has dropped substantially over this past week as more people eschew single occupant motor vehicle travel. A side effect of higher gas prices is less traffic congestion.


  1. Whatever I said about California-centricism... I take it all back.
    When I was heading to see my sibs in the Turkey Day traffic and my bike was in teh car and I was going 9-12 mph and I wanted, wanted, wanted to abandon the car and ... do just that. RIDE. PAST THE CARS.
    Cultivate the culture. Nurture it. spread it.

  2. volkswagen poll

    trying to figure it out.. only 1216 people have found it it seems...

  3. Bigger, wider highways built especially for trucks will be our salvation according to MOdot. For a good laugh watch their propaganda:


  4. Reminds me of the guys that biked through the Holland Tunnel:

  5. In the meantime, Jack, railroads are all expected to pay for their own right of way and even pay property taxes on it.

    California has truck bypasses to get trucks past heavy merge areas.

    Cool survey at the VW site, Sue.

  6. Biking the freeways? Been there. Dun DAT. How to Drive Bicycles on the Expressway, WITHOUT really dying.

    Now, go do the 10 while impersonating Santa.

  7. ...i think that's just awesome...kind of a little "in yo face" to the creeping commuters...

    ...cheers to anybody pulling that stunt off...

  8. Who's that genius without a helmet?

  9. yeeeee haw. whenever i visit my parents in orange county i wonder why people don't do stuff like that more often. looks fun, but i wonder how much the fine is. hell, i'd pay $50 a month for two years just to do that.