Monday, May 5, 2008

Bike route San Jose to Palo Alto

South Bay bike train

A "bike train" is a caravan of cyclists commuting together on a regular schedule. During the month of May I'm riding my bike to work the 20 miles from San Jose to my job in Menlo Park via Palo Alto. If you'd like to join me, I generally depart from either Park @ Bird in San Jose or from the Caltrain Diridon Station (San Jose Depot) at either 6:55 a.m. or 7:30 a.m., though this morning I didn't get started until 7:50 a.m. Follow my Twitter feed for exact departure time that I'll post about 10 minutes prior. It's best also to text me at 408-505-8159 if you want to ensure I'll look for you that morning.

Summer the FAST cyclist
Summer was one of the cyclists who joined our Mountain View to San Jose bike caravan last year on Bike To Work Day.
I take a variety of routes (outlined below), and I'm flexible on my routing if your stop is along the way in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Alto or Palo Alto somewhere. I ride at a moderate club pace of about 15 to 17 mph, though I pump that up to better than 20 mph on Foothill Expressway and I'll draft behind the Derny girl on Foothill if I can catch her.

This is mostly a no drop ride; this means we might pull ahead but we'll wait up for you before important intersections. You will sweat on this ride and we're generally lycra clad. You'll see a mix of fixies, cross bikes and road bikes. If you ride a knobby tired mountain bike and can keep up, feel free to join us. If you're not sure about the pace, come along for the ride anyway.

I don't run red lights and I yield proper right of way at all stop signs. I might stop or slow to take photos if I see something interesting.

Please contact me if you'd like to join along for the ride. I'll take Caltrain on Wednesdays because I need to haul a computer with me. All other days I plan to ride the distance.

To join the train: (1) Text me at 408-505-8159, or contact me via this form or email; (2) Follow my Twitter feed for exact departure time, though I'll also try calling you before the start time if you'd like and if you leave your number. You can expect calls or texts as early as 6:45 AM. I will not send email that early in the morning.

Bike routes from San Jose to Palo Alto California

Cyclists have posted several options for bike routes from San Jose to Palo Alto and Menlo Park, California.

Other routes are certainly available -- I sometimes ride past the Googleplex in Mountain View by going up Shoreline to Charleston and then take the bike bridge over 101 by Oregon Expressway. I sometimes take Stevens Creek Trail to Shoreline Park and through Baylands; since I work in Menlo Park I'll cut across the San Francisquito Creek bridge by the Palo Alto golf course into East Palo Alto, where I ride up University Avenue to Bayshore Expressway.


  1. ...fritz, this is why you rate in my own little "cool bike stuff awards" in the 'commuter of the year' category... not only 'do the bike commute' but you encourage & invite others to join you, you sound like you make it fun w/ panda photos & by being flexible in your routes & as far as know, you've never slapped that "doug the doofus" upside the head for "bad bike etiquette" which i might have done...

  2. How long do these 19 & 21 mile routes take you? You'd mentioned your speed gets between 15 & 20mph, so do you typically take 1+ hour? What is your average duration?

  3. Ray, San Jose to downtown Palo Alto takes me right about an hour on my road bike when I'm going fast, a little longer (obviously) on my fixed gear or if I'm otherwise taking it easy. Continuing to my office in Menlo Park adds another 10 to 15 minutes.