Saturday, May 10, 2008

You and me in our sport utility vehicles

Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles, cruisin' to 7-11 for a bag of Frito-Lays! Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles, we'll slam into 4 wheel drive, and pick up a dozen eggs.

You and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles cruisin' to Dunkin Donuts for a cup of steaming Joe! Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles we'll slam into 4-wheel drive for a scoop of rocky road.


  1. Fritz,

    What else would you expect from a right wing, religious fundamentalist kids' show?

  2. Thomas, you realize it's parody of SUV ownership, don't you? Mike Nawrocki (creator of Veggie Tales) is a city guy. He regularly pokes fun at suburban life, too.

  3. ...well now...the next time i eat a salad, i'll be pondering just what kinda lifestyle those little vegetables would go on to lead if i wasn't taking their lives...

    ...cut up a the planet...

  4. It's a freaking kids show, get off your freaking religious soapbox, it's a funny song and most kids like it without giving much of a thought to the right wing, religious fundamentalism of it. It also helps that some of these shows show people being nice to each other or helping to build the child's self esteem, both completely religious topics if I've ever heard of them. Thomas your life must be one big ball of stress trying to check everything for the right wing undertones EVERYTHING in the world must have. I wonder what Sesame Street is subliminally teaching our children