Friday, May 9, 2008

Mellow Johnny's opens on Saturday

Mellow Johnny's (maillot jaune, get it?), Lance Armstrong's new bicycle store in Austin, Texas, opens this weekend.

Armstrong anticipates that the majority of the sales will be high end road racing gear at his Trek dealership, but he says that the bike will be an important way for people to get around. Besides offering fitness training, Mellow Johnny's also has secure bike parking and showers specifically for commuters who cycle into downtown Austin.

Read more about Lance Armstrong's hopes for his new shop in this Momentum Magazine interview with Lance Armstrong.

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  1. Assuming I survive the 105 mile ride I'm doing on Saturday, I'll be checking out Mellow Johnny's in the afternoon/evening. I think it's a pretty cool concept...I hope it does well and doesn't adversely affect any of the many other bike stores in the area.