Monday, July 20, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bicycle

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bicycle
The California Governator is known to ride his bicycle along the American River Trail in Sacramento with his posse of bodyguards.

Like many of us, Schwarzenegger also loads bikes on the back of his Hummer to transport his bikes to the trails.


  1. ...the beef n' steroid peleton...

    ..."we come to crush your heads like liddle grapes, you sissy boyz !!!"...

  2. Ha ha! "beef n' steroid peloton"!

  3. God, they dwarf those bikes...

  4. He sure looks like he's enjoying himself.

  5. ...& his game...his budgeting & our left coast economy are in the crapper...

    ...just saying...

  6. I see plenty of people who drive their SUV's < 3 miles through the suburbs to the gym to ride stationary bikes... If ya gotta traverse a bunch of miles and traffic to get to a decent trail, I don't see anything wrong with loading the bike on a vehicle.