Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dangerous Bob Widin

Say hello to Caltrain Conductor Dangerous Bob Widin.

'Dangerous' Bob Widin

Mr. Widin is a super positive guy. Widin was a set property master and got the nickname from Steven Spielburg during his work on "Back To the Future." He's writing a book on his Hollywood fun -- he even has a publisher and editor -- and he's always a great storyteller.


  1. One of the good guys. The world needs a few more

  2. There are 2 classes of Caltrain conductor - those that like bikes and those that don't. Bob's one of the bike-friendly conductors. I'm used to seeing him keep his hair in his hat until the train leaves Blossom Hill, entering Zone 6, where he takes off the hat and lets his hair down.

    Also, reminds me of a bike friendly conductor Jan (male) from the years when you could buy your ticket on the train.

  3. Dangerous Bob is something of a legend. Easily the best caltrain conductor, he enforces the rules that matter and understands you can get better results with a friendly word than belligerence. He's quick to tell you tall tales on the train and never allows a scofflaw in his cars!

    When you've taught Scarface how to fire an uzi, you've earned the right to let your hair down.

  4. Hi! I am a historian and would like to get a picture of Bernard A. Widin, especially from the mid 1960's. He deserves credit for his excellent work. I'm happy to explain. Please contact me,

    Thank you,
    E.J. Wilson