Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flying Pigeon buys Campagnolo

No, not really. Or at least I don't think so.

What's funny is just last week I was brainstorming with some co-conspirators about our April Fool's joke for 2010. I came up with the idea of Flying Pigeon (the old Chinese bike factory) buying a major US or European bike brand. The Chinese have lots of American dollars, and we don't have any credit to get anything built.

In case you haven't heard: The rumors are flying today that Campagnolo has been purchased by an Asian company. Shimano strongly denies they're involved, while Campy remains coy. Long time bike trade journalist Carlton Reid says "zero facts as of yet."

Update: Campy denies the rumors and advises the rest of us to return to our Mediterranean villas.


  1. ...thanks, pal...being a dedicated italiophile, i read that & started stripping down my campagnolo bikes before i decided to go back n' reread the post...

    ...dammit...i'm goin' for a ride...a ride on campanolo equipe'...

    ..."mutter, mutter, damn kids on my lawn, mutter, what a people expect these days ???, mutter"...

  2. Soooo, should we expect some cutting-edge Campy Nuovo Record components in steel? You have to admit, there's something appealing about skinny little chromed crank arms!