Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why is not from Oracle Corporation

People keep tweeting about this Oracle Cycling website (and I've been one of the tweeters), which just has a "Coming Soon" placeholder on it. Here's why I don't believe the site has anything at all to do with tomorrow's announcement about a sponsor for Armstrong's new cycling team.

1. The site is registered to Los Angeles cycling coach Allen Bean. As far as I'm aware (and I could be wrong), there's no connection at all between Bean and any of Armstrong, Livestrong, or Oracle Corporation.

2. Compare the logos - the first from Allen Bean's website, and other from Oracle Corporation. If Oracle sponsors a cycling team, they want brand recognition.

3. Let's pretend Oracle wants to go stealth by purposely not using their own logo. The site logo looks like something I might have created using Gimp. Anything associated with Armstrong / Livestrong will be professionally created, with lots of yellow and black.



  1. That logo sucks. Clearly not professionally designed like yours...

  2. Funny guy.

    The point was that I suck at logo creation too.

  3. Anonymous: So naughty!

    Fritz: I completely agree with all the points you just made. If they were going to go stealth they wouldn't have a logo on the splash page at all.

  4. ...doesn't matter...

    ...can you say RADIO SHACK ???...'cuz if yer a fan of bruyneel & armstrong, yer gonna be hearing it a bunch, in the bunch...

    ...'nuff said ???...