Friday, July 17, 2009

TdF: Stage 13

Just a link roundup today for the 2009 Tour de France Stage 13...

Tour de France 2009 Stage Thirteen

NYT: Climbers don't touch Tour leaders.

VN: Haussler solos to emotional win.

CN: Haussler escapes.

KWC: Levi tweets from the operating room. Levi Leipheimer had to pull out today because of a broken wrist, which was the only major change in the top contendors in the GC. Levi was in 4th place.

VN: Some idiot shoots a pellet gun at Oscar Freire and Julian Dean!

Bike Intelligencer: Wet Jersey Contest.

More links at commentary at Steephill.TV.


  1. does anyone know who makes Haaussler's helmet? I can't find it anywhere...

  2. Hi Darcy, that helmet is a Catlike helmet, available in Europe only (not US CPSC approved).