Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bicycle news

Salut on this Bastille Day!

"Green" Brothel gives discount to cycling patrons. "The recession has hit our industry hard."

Find a riding buddy Really Fast.

Bicycle skirt

School bans bike riding to school.

NYT: Gender gap in urban cycling. In Scotland, there's a project to specifically encourage school girls to bike.

Urban Outfitters now sells urban hipster bikes for $400 plus shipping. Via Bicycle Design and others.

Bicycle summer inspiration hurray!

SF guerrilla bike lane markings.

Bikes in the City: Velib World Champions give their tips on how to best utilize the famous Paris bike rental service (en Francais).

Skirting Around. And Bike Skirt has their own website now.

Holier: Selling transit to conservatives.

Win a Giant bicycle from Burger King.

Fixie Noob Advice: Don't stop pedaling.

Treehugger reviews shower in a bottle.

Jason Mancebo's Nevada City Classic photos.

Another Lance Armstrong Art Bikes.

Photo by Richard Masoner.

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