Monday, July 27, 2009

Menlo Park Grand Prix needs your help

The presenting sponsor of the Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix has defaulted on their $5,000 sponsorship for the race (it wasn't Tri Flow). Race organizer Lorri Lee Lown made promotion and spending decisions based on that sponsorship, including the addition of a third women's race this year. At present, Lorri has been able to cover all expenses except one bill to the City of Menlo Park for $4,000. If can't pay this bill, Menlo Park will not grant permission to have this race again in 2010.

Please give what you can to help save this event for 2010. Lorri is good people and does an outstanding job with the Menlo Park criterium. If just 100 people pitch in $50, her debt would be covered and she'll have a little extra to start with for next year.

Click here to give.

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