Wednesday, July 1, 2009

82 year old's stolen bike recovered

When Heidi Yeglic got the call that someone had found her stolen bike, she almost cried.

It’s exactly what the Penticton senior did while offering a few words of thanks to the man who spotted her bike that had been missing since a thief stole it from the doorsteps of her friend’s house last month.

“I was so happy,” she said choking back tears of joy. “I mean that is my bike, my life. He is so kind to have realized that was my bike and to go back and get it.”
Read more. H/T to Abio Bikes.


  1. ...sweet...i hope at that age i'll be saying "I mean that is my bike, my life."...

    ...glad she got it back & hey, the story is out of penticton so it's a "happy canada day story"...

  2. Love it.

    Seems like I have read too many "bicyclist killed by motorist" stories in the last few days (and occasionally I even peruse the inevitable "Crazy red-light-running cyclists deserve what they get" comment streams that always seem to accompany such articles); this is a nice antidote. Happy endings are good.