Friday, July 3, 2009

Tour de France 2009 Internet streaming video

Update for USA / Canada: For a fee, you can watch broadcast video of each stage of the Tour de France live at Versus Tour de France Race Tracker.

All of the usual suspects will have Tour de France video recaps on their websites, but live streaming options for viewing the Tour de France are fairly restricted. Links below the photo.

Tour de France 2009 Stage Three

Tour de France official site will have live updates during each stage.

Cycling.TV will have highlights videos each day.

Versus TdF page.

Velonews generally posts videos of rider and coach interviews and the like.

Steephill.TV is probably the best place to turn for the latest video links.

Post your secret, pirated streaming feed to Bike Hugger TdF Hub.

See also: Tour de France for Dummies.


  1. Did any of those links give "streaming video" of the 2009 TdF, as one would expect when seeing that video?

    I feel bait-and-switched.

  2. The race won't start until tomorrow, so no live streams yet. Steephill is generally best at finding the live streams as they become available.

  3. If you are using streaming service from US/Canada, just get the Versus video. I just got that - well worth it to support that service. I don't waste money on cable so this is well worth it for me.

  4. How do I get the streaming internet tv on versus -- I'm willing to pay and subscribe; just can't figure out how to do it? Thanks in advance for a reply.

  5. @OK: When you click on Versus Tour Tracker you should see a pop up box offering to take your money in exchange for streaming video. You have the option of a day pass for $3 or a full subscription for the entire tour for $34.