Thursday, July 2, 2009

Woodside & Portola Valley enforcement action

A quick word to cyclists riding around Alpine & Portola Road around Woodside -- San Mateo County Sheriff's deputies are citing cyclists for riding to the left of the shoulder. Deputies will be out in force on Wednesday and Saturdays on the roads around Woodside for the next three weeks.

Although cycling to the left of the shoulder line is legal in California, the deputies are writing tickets to cyclists they see riding outside of the shoulder, even when no other traffic is present.

Local cyclist Dan Connelly was ticketed on Portola Valley Road and had his ticket overturned [PDF] in court.

H/T to Sub 20 OLH.


  1. Wow, well done to Dan. I brought my camera last night when riding in Portola Valley, since I knew the Valley ride would pass me and thought I might come upon them all stopped at the side of the road, being hassled by police. I figured I'd videotape it and post to youtube. Didn't happen. Strange that they don't pursue the largest obvious target. Maybe they're waiting for the heat to die down and surprise everyone.

  2. Why does Woodside hate cyclists?

  3. Hopefully they'll move on to other stupidities.

  4. Sue: The Woodside Saga has been going on for years now. I don't see it going away anytime soon.