Monday, December 28, 2009

Crossing Hwy 101: University Avenue

Here's another South Bay video contribution to Murph's Highway 101 crossing project. I'm crossing over in this video on University Avenue from Palo Alto over to East Palo Alto (where IKEA is at).

Unlike Willow Road just a couple of miles to the north, University Avenue doesn't have ugly merge lanes. Traffic is very heavy and there, but freeway access lanes are double turn lanes controlled by signal lights; as long as you stay in the straight-through lanes and watch for right hooks you should be fine.


  1. Nice video, but it's still best not to pass cars on the right. In that circumstance, I would have taken the lane (ride in the middle) behind the station wagon to be more visible and then gradually fade to the righthand side of the lane...

  2. Eric, if you're talking about that silver minivan about 10 seconds in, that's the same minivan behind me at the beginning of the video one lane over. I wasn't passing on the right -- she merged into me and I had to scoot left to avoid getting hit by that driver.