Monday, December 21, 2009

Culinary Cycling Adventure Series

Introducing "Pedaling", a gastronomic adventure on two wheels - New Culinary Cycling Adventure Series Features NYC in First Installment

This looks like my style of adventure cycling: A new series of videos beginning in 2010 to highlight the joy of eating and cycling at PEDALING.TV.

The PEDALING episodes will contain practical tips for urban cycling, including an inside peek at a professional bike fitting, traffic etiquette, and notes on where cyclists in the area ride, eat, and spend time.

First up in this series is PEDALING: NYC, a tribute to Gotham’s endless epicurean delights and vast landscapes—both concrete and green—from the cyclist’s perspective.

PEDALING: NYC will launch January 5, 2010.

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  1. We live in Sonoma county and have a cycling group called "Soup Spoons and Carbon Forks". As you can tell we love eating as much as cycling. Anyway, maybe you want to contact us once you get to the west coast for your Culinary cycling Adventure Series. Our group does a ride the 3rd Saturday of the month, start and finish at the restaurant or place that it is catered. 3 categories of rides, hammer fest (appetizer), social ride (main course) or family ride (dessert}. Would love you to ride with us!!!