Saturday, January 6, 2007

Broken bicycle helmet visor repair

The problem: the little plastic tabs holding the helmet visor in place broke! When I rode, the visor always flipped up and back. Tape is sloppy. Glue can affect the integrity of the helmet by dissolving the plastic and foam. Simply ripping the visor off is workable, but the helmet looks even dumber than before.

Problem: Broken visor tabs

The solution: Hook and loop fasteners! These happen to be Velcro brand, but any hook-and-loop fasteners with adhesive backing should work. I bought this package from Home Depot, but I'm sure any hardware/home improvement store will carry this stuff.

Solution: Hook and loop fasteners.

Cut to size and attach hook and loop fasteners -- stick one piece on the helmet, and attach the other piece to the visor, ensuring the two pieces line up.

Attach velcro to visor and helmet

All happy! Your visor will now stay in place. My job is a little sloppy; I'm sure you can do better.

Attach velcro to visor and helmet

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  1. I've done this in the past. The only problem is in really cold weather (-20c or so) the glue freezes and it all comes apart. Shouldn't be a problem down your way.