Monday, January 22, 2007

More about me

I guess it's an off-topic, getting to know me kind of day. I'm this kind of person. A Christian who cares about human effects on the environment; imagine that!

I like this quote: "There are a lot of folks who say they care deeply about the environment, and yet their impact is as heavy as anyone on the planet. The future doesn't care what we say -- it only cares what we do."


  1. I'm in the same camp. I've got friends who aren't Christians that can't understand that I can be one since I seem to be so into cycling and, um, recycling, etc. I also have Christian brothers and sisters who think you can't be Christian and care about the environment.

    Dude, I just want to be a good steward...

  2. If I may suggest some further reading, you should examine EF Schumacher (specifically Small Is Beautiful) and other (mostly Catholic) Distributists and subsidiarists such as GK Chesterton, Hilarie Belloc, Dorothy Day, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I am not Catholic (rather a reformed presbyterian), but the "Third Way" proposed by these thinkers is very compelling.

  3. I'm a Jew with a different foundation but the same ends esp. when they come to the environment. The rabbis enjoin us to tikkun olam or heal the world. Of course it first requires tikkun ha-lev or heal the heart.

    As for green evangelicals? Check out last week's The Call to Act on Global Warming.

  4. I'm a devout Buddhist Jew. Sure, we care about the environment too, as long as there are copious amount of leafy green 5 leaf plants that go whizz-bang when inhaled.

    Ok, LAME. It's late.