Monday, January 8, 2007

How to link to Cyclelicious

Uncle Dan of Chalfont, PA asks, "Hey Fritz, How do I link to your site?"

The code looks like this -- just cut and paste:
 <a href="">The Best Bicycle Blog on the Planet</a>. 

Here's the final installment of my B-list of Blogs (as started by Masi Guy).

Bike Biz is always a must read. I am in awe of what Carlton Reid has been able to do with this and the myriad other sites he has a hand in.

I read Bike Portland. Jonathan Maus helped me out a *lot* in the early days and I am in his debt.

LCI Paul Dorn in San Francisco has his Bike Commute Tips.

Shawn Kielty rides is about around the Peninsula south of San Francisco.

Sport Crazy provides an Irish perspective, and Alastair has posted his own B-list. We also happen to work at the same company.

Mike Dillon is another cycling co-worker who blogs (and reads Cyclelicious).

Naoto's Hole in the Wall sometimes covers cycling in Japan and California. He also works at Sun.

I wish Interbike Times would post a little more often.

There are probably some others I've forgotten -- don't be shy about leaving a comment if you're in the B-list and you haven't been mentioned yet. An oversight is entirely possible probable.

While I'm listing links, here is my Flickr photo stream. A couple of my favorite Flickr groups are Panda Portraits and Bike Nation. Flickr provides RSS feeds for all this stuff. Panda Portraits is not what you think it is if you don't know what it is already.

Here's my YouTube profile, from which you can see my videos and my favorites. At YouTube, I belong to Carlton Reid's Bike Stuff group.

Finally, if I feel like getting into pointless arguments I go read Bike Forums.