Monday, January 29, 2007

San Francisco bicycle collision video

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition captured a motorist hooking at a cyclist at the infamous Octavia and Market intersection. Right turns are illegal at this intersection, though in this case it really doesn't matter -- the driver clearly passed the cyclist then hooked right into him.

Several other videos of this intersection are available at SFBike's YouTube page.

More discussion on Octavia and Market:

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  1. The smoking gun INDICTMENT against and poorly designed bike lanes and "ride right."

    Bike lanes offers NO protection. TAKE THE GODDAMN LANE, people. Hell, you PAID for it.

    I am beginning to think that a REAL buffer is needed. If certain bike "advocates" insist on laying down a bike lane, put up some PHYSICAL barrier between bikes and cars too.

    Drivers drive to the engineering.

  2. SanFran Streets Department and Public Works should be charged with CRIMINAL conspiracy for ENGINEERING the roadway to ENCOURAGE speeding and CARELESS, if not, RECKLESS driving.

    Hey,, SUE for a CONSENT DECREE, which will allow the PROS to re-engineer the standards, not a bunch of GENIUS jet runway engineers.

    1) Re-engineer the sections between intersection to REDUCE speed and ENCOURAGE ALL users of the roadwy to watch out for each other. Review the QuikTrip Parking Design for DUMMIES.

    2) Improve flow at the intersections with traffic circles, to allow CONTINUOUS flow. NOBODY ever stops completely at stop signs either. And, EVERYBODY would rather speed through a yellow and a red. So, ENGINEER the roadway to the way EVERYONE really drives. Why fight it, geniuses?

    Lose the lights and the signs. Create the PERCEPTION of DANGER to ENCOURAGE everyone to watch out for each other. That cager acted like he coulda care'd less who he kills, as long as he saves all of ten FRIGGIN' seconds to make a meeting he's ALREADY late for. I got NUTHIN' but COMPLETE disrespect for JERKS like that.

  3. No, SFFD, Europe has NOT burned down because of their traffic circles.

  4. You can even see the guy at the end of this video check to see the sign that says "No Right Turn".

    Hopefully that driver was charged with something...

  5. It's NOT only the driver at fault. SF Public Works must alo be held ACCOUNTABLE for WILLFUL contributory NEGLIGENCE, if not RECKLESSNESS. They ENGINEERED the outcome, malice AFORETHOUGHT.

    Without that, NOTHING will change, people.

  6. At least the bastard used his turn signal [snarf].

  7. Nice reflexes by the biker!

  8. Pretend the white stripe and right-turn-prohibition aren't there -- the driver still illegally hooked the cyclist. The lane is wide enough to safely share, and the motorist passed then hooked.

  9. @fritz, yup, plain and simple. Yeah, it's a bad design, agreed, but that driver is at fault.

  10. some improvement: