Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soma Rush fixed gear bicycle

Timothy of San Mateo, California rides his fixed gear Soma Rush bicycle up and down the San Francisco Peninsula when he's not riding the train. Tim's flip-flop hub is fixed on one side, freewheel on the other. He's rigged for fixed in this photo.

Soma is a South San Francisco designer of steel bicycle frames and urban cycling accessories. The Rush is designed specifically for the urban cyclist, with brake mounts and bottle cage braze-ons. Soma Rush frame without fork retails for under $400.

Photo info: Tim and his Soma Rush fixed by richardmasoner.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, that soft cap looks pretty kewl. Maybe he just forgot the HELMET back at the office.

    WHAT is the BIG friggin' deal with all the fixies? Yes, I too rolled a fixie back in my USCF days. And, I rolled a fixie as a civilian too for a while before it got ripped off in L.A. Chinatown.

    But, these days, Santa rolls on disposable bikes.