Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Prostrate drug Superbowl ad features cyclists

Drug maker Boehringer-Ingelheim features lycra-clad cyclists with enlarged prostate in a SuperBowl ad this weekend when they advertise the prostate drug Flomax. Cyclists who take Flomax apparently are “guys having more fun and spending less time in the men’s room.”

From the Wall Street Journal's Dealbreaker blog.


  1. Prostrate: lying flat with the face to the ground.

    Prostate: glandular body at the base of the male urethra.

    Presstrate: the act of dropping a large, heavy object on top of a cartoon character, thereby 'pressing him straight'.

    Just thought I'd help....

  2. So embarrassed - I really do know the difference! Corrected in the article.

  3. Great find. Expect to hear me mention this on The FredCast, giving you full credit for the find, of course!

  4. Why bother? Long Live Shameless Plagarism!

  5. Ed: Presstrate!? Brilliant.