Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Motorola-branded bicycle

Motorola chief Ed Zander unveils the phone-charging Motorola Zandercycle at CES in Vegas while Queen's "Bicycle Race" blared in the background. (Why is it always "BICYCLE RACE"? There are other bicycle songs, believe it or not.)

The Motorola bicycle -- with is being introduced into 'emerging markets' -- features a mobile phone cradle on the handlebar that doubles as a charger. Human power provides the juice to charge the phone. With the bicycle charging system, Zander hopes to tap into the more than 500 million Chinese people who ride a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation.

Seen at Engadget. Mentioned also at CICLE, Biking Bis, and elsewhere. Thank you to Sasha for the tip. Flickr photo by Gigaomces.

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