Friday, September 12, 2008

Bay Area bicycle fashion

Shelly rides her bicycle around Berkeley, San Francisco, and Oakland, with frequent trips to Santa Cruz and Sonoma / Napa where she snaps photos of cyclists she likes and posts the photos to Riding Pretty - Bicyle Chic California, like this photo below.

Several years ago, Shelly designed her Riding Pretty helmet covers because she doesn't like the "sporty" look of bicycle helmets but values the protection they offer.

When she got serious about selling her Riding Pretty helmet covers in 2007, she started the Riding Pretty blog. "I began researching the web to find out if there were any people concerned with being more fashionable while bicycle riding," Shelly tells me. "I discovered Sartorialist, Amsterdam Bicycles, Copenhagen Chic, Velocouture. I also discovered London Cycle Chic who’d launched about 2 weeks before I had. About a month later all the rest of cycle/bicycle chic blogs started popping up all over the place!!!"

"My blog is primarily concerned with covering practical aspects of fashionable bicycling for ladies who are more or less new to bicycling. I want to give them inspiration!" she writes.

Another popular Bay Area fashion blogger is Velo Vogue. Lilia is visiting Paris and trying the famous Velib bike rental system.

If you're not familiar with Velo Vogue, it's "where the bike lane meets the runway." Lilia takes photos of stylish cyclists she sees in San Francisco and posts the photos to her blog.

Bikes and the City by "meligrosa" in San Francisco is about "bikes, boys y coffee" has a similar style theme.

"Sunday Ride" photo Copyright © 2008 / All Rights Reserved by Shelly and used with her kind permission.


  1. No idea that there ware so many
    stylish girls on bikes

  2. Thanks for the mention! KT and I maintain Velo Vogue. While we were both in Paris recently riding the Velib' bicycles, she's the one in the photos posted under "folie à vélib".