Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shelley Olds stolen track bike

My neighbor Shelley Olds is a professional track cyclist headed USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships. Her bicycle was stolen this morning. Her track bike is very small and very unique, so if you run across it somewhere it's probably hers.
  • BMC Trackmaster 47cm Carbon frame
  • Cane Creek 50mm Carbon wheels
  • white Ritchey Syncros stem
  • 38cm FSA Bars
  • Dura ace 165mm cranks
  • gold Izumi Chain
More info at Proman Racing and Mercury News.

I've heard of a lot of bike thefts lately in the Bay Area. Five bikes were reported stolen during the lunch hour last Tuesday in Palo Alto from four different locations. According to the victims, the bikes were locked.


  1. Suckage.
    Those engineers who dreamed up Xtracycles oughta get another grant and dream up a securable bicycle.

  2. I heard over the wire that the bike had been found by police. Have any more details?