Monday, September 29, 2008

Interbike 2008 link love

Here are some of the bloggers who have their own take on Interbike. Check them out for their persepctives!

I'm a major fanboy of Momentum Magazine, so I'm stoked to be pictured with about half of their crew here!

Nan of Joy Rider Clothing is a real sweetheart from the East Bay who makes cycling clothing for men and women. You can find her stuff at Warm Planet at 4th & King in San Francisco.

Byron and his Bike Hugger crew covered some of the smaller vendors in the hidden corners of Interbike.

Masiguy got some Interbike love from Bicycling Magazine.

I took the cool photo of Guitar Ted with his brand new iPod Nano. There's plenty more about the show from his blog, and you can find his product notes at 29 Inches.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic posted some of my photos from the Urban Legends cycling fashion show.

Paul reports on the raging optimism at Interbike at Bike Commute Tips.

I met Aki aka Sprinter Della Casa and his lovely wife at Interbike 2008.

Ken Conley was there shooting race photos and product photos. On Thursday he worked 15 hours straight - there was smoke coming from his shutter release when I bumped into him Thursday night at the Vegas Criterium.

Grant Petersen was at Interbike and is astounded by $4000 wheelsets and $6000 component groups (without the wheels).

I have to give a shout out to my friends Urban Jeff and Brad of Urban Velo Magazine.

I wish I knew Rapid Transit Cycleshop folks were there!

David of The Fredcast posted podcasts from Las Vegas. I'm amazed at how hard he works!

The coolest guy at the show would be Paul aka The Fossil Fool.

The fine folks from Xtracycle are a fun bunch to hang out with. It was also a pleasure meeting Yuba Cycles president Benjamin Sarrazin.


  1. Hi from Mitey Miss!

    Thanks for the kind words and link to Momentum Magazine. I found your site looking for images from their Urban Legends fashion show, but couldn't find them on your site. The Copenhagen link just shows 2.

    Are they there somewhere?
    My new site:


  2. Hi Ulrike and thanks for dropping by. My Intebike photos are posted to my Flickr stream. I have maybe 50% of my photos uploaded so far -- I'll try to get that done tonight.

  3. Hey, that photo of you and Tim with the Momentum mag folks turned out not half bad!

    Must be your equipment, I know it wasn't my skilz!

  4. ilove momentum mag!
    thanks for all the links, good stuff.
    yes paul-rockthe bike/ rocks!
    <3 m