Friday, September 26, 2008

People of Interbike 2008

RoadBikeReview and MTBR have their Virtual Tradebooths; I'll do my Virtual Social Meetup.

Ron of BikeWorldNews, Dennis Bean of Fixed Gear Gallery, and Steve Woo of Sportgenic.

20080925-interbike 172

Mia of Momentum Magazine and Brad of Urban Velo.

Mia and Brad

Fossil Fool
rocks the best party at the Las Vegas Criterium. Behind him is Benjamin of Yuba Bikes.

Fossil Fool rocks the best party at the Criterium

Tyler of Bike Rumor.

Tyler of

Brian of Raleigh looks dapper with his Nan of Joy Rider Clothing.

20080925-interbike 073

Tracy, Stacy, and Tanya are the Vegas Criterium Umbrella Girls.

Criterium Umbrella

For more photos, see my Urban Legends Fashion Show bike photos over at Commute By Bike.


  1. pau (rockthebike!) from fossilfool is a doll. he brings the party with him everywhere in sf
    <3's to him and his wonderful vibe


  2. Hey - Thanks for the mention! It was nice to finally meet you. I had a really good talk with Dennis as well - great guy.

    --Ron at Bike World News