Friday, September 19, 2008

Bike Pirates

Noah did this on Talk Like a Pirate Day last year.

Bike Pirate

Don't forget BIKE PUNX.

Oh, and today is National PARKing Day.

Have a good Friday!


  1. Two bikes of mine have flown the Jolly Roger:


  2. Let's try that long one again:

  3. Wonderful! How do you mount the flag pole?

    The rest of you feel free to post links to your own pirates and bike photos.

  4. I put an endcap with a long bolt on the end of the pole and attached it to the kickstand plate. Then, I used an old metal reflector bracket and ran a bolt through the pole to it for extra stability right at the seatpost. Piece of cake!

    Everyone should fly a pirate flag -- it garners motorist attention like nothing else...