Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delta 7 Ascend

Here's a little sneak peak at Delta 7's new "Ascend" road bike frame using their Iso Truss technology. I'll have better photos when they unveil this beauty at the show later today.

Delta 7 Isotruss Ascend road bike frame Delta 7 Isotruss Ascend road bike built


  1. wowza! they are actuallyshowing it!?! so radical-
    I had seen this post sometime back in that current feed. crazy cool

  2. My only concern would be that crashing on one of those means you have to worry about roadrash on one side and cheese grater damage on the other.

  3. If you're caught riding in the rain, wouldn't the seat tube and down tube fill up with water near the BB?

  4. ...personally, i just don't "get" these bikes...

    ...the mtb version maybe even less because of issues w/ mud & dirt despite their assurances...

    ...but the road version has got to be unsound aerodynamically...companies now offer dimpled water bottles because they create a better airflow & these guys wanna market this thing ???... it the delta 7 ascend all day, if you want, but when it's time to descend, i'll bet that thing howls in the wind...

  5. i RIDE TE DELTA 7. I race professionally and love every second on the bike. I have wrecked on the bike and did not have a cheese grater wound NONE. Water has not ever been an issue on the BB. IT is fucking stiff and has a ride better then sex. The SRAM RED is amazing and works without a problem. GET a Delta7 Ascend you will be very happy. The Podium is a nice place to hang out and collect a pay check when riding a Delta 7. Want to know more ask me atriracer@ aaaooolll.cooomm

  6. I demoed the bike for several days. The isostructure is smooth - no cheese grater. According to the company, they put it in a windtunnel and it actually has less drag that a standard bike (golf ball dimple principle?). The bike is very stiff and efficient. It took two minutes off a steep, 50 minute climb I do regularly. I also demoed the Cervelo R3. The Cervelo WAS slower coming down hill due to the large tubing (I had trouble catching my brother while coasting on the Cervelo, even though I outweight him by 30lbs using my personal wheels on all the bikes). I ended up buying the Delta 7 last week! Don't knock it till you try it, and don't try it unless you have the $$$ to buy, because you'll be depressed when you can't keep it.