Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A roadie with a blog

Jamie Smith is a cyclist. He has an amusing blog on the life of an enthusiastic road cyclist. He also wrote a book that was illustrated by cycling comic strip artist Jef Mallet.

Should I buy this book? The reviews look pretty good.

According to Amazon.com, Podium Cafe says "This book earned Podium Cafe's first ever five-star rating!" But I can't find their review there: When I search for the author's name (Jamie Smith), I get no results. When I search for 'roadie' I get too many results. Imagine that.


  1. I'm always interesting to find some more cycling books to read, cheers for the suggestion.

  2. Buy it for the collector value and to support cycling artists like Mallett.

  3. I bought this book when it was released. Entertaining and easy/quick read. Jamie does a great job explaining bike culture. I was especially happy to meet Jamie at the Tour de Georgia and have him sign the book. Buy this book and read his blog - he's an awesome guy!