Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interbike 2008 photos

I've started uploading my first set of Interbike 2008 photos. Sorry about the late posting -- I had some technical difficulties with my laptop -- but here are some brief highlights:
  • I scored a free t-shirt from Fat Cyclist. He's a genuinely nice guy -- his online persona is a good reflection of what he's like in real life.
  • Surly has new colors for their bikes. I've posted some photos to Flickr for Kit's benefit, who just bought last year's model of the Long Haul Trucker last week.

    Surly Long Haul Trucker 2009

  • There are a lot of Europeans here selling their bike stuff here.
  • The Momentum Magazine girls like to give hugs to their friends. I'm apparently one of their friends, although I continue to confuse Mia's and Tania's names.
  • Dahon has a cool "Guess the number of folding bikes stuffed inside the Prius" contest.
  • Rans -- the folks from Hays, Kansas with their "semi recumbent" rides -- introduced their semi recumbent longtrail cargo bike, the Rans Hammer Truck. The folks from Xtracycle totally geeked out over it. So did I. I'll try to get a better photo tomorrow but here's what I have.

    Rans longtail

  • We have more booth babes here than last year.

    Interbike 2008 Booth babe

More on Thursday. Post your photo and info requests here.


  1. If you have the chance, I'd love a wonder over to the Salsa booth ... I'm holding my breath for some change to the La Cruz that make it a little more commuter friendly ... say some eyelets, and something less than steal me orange. Thanks !!!

  2. Aw man, it's white.

    What's the prize for the Dahon contest? Do you win the Prius stuffed with folding bikes?

  3. So, is that a Rans + Xtracycle, or is it an integrated design (aka, a Rans "Big Dummy")?

    Oh, and I'm seeing that correct that it's using the Xtracycle Freeloader?

  4. Woohoo! You rule, Fritz. Thanks for the Surly pr0n. :)

    I hear they're more than introducing new colors--supposedly they're introducing a full build of the Big Dummy and Karate Monkey!

  5. Please, if you can, find out if Shimano is bringing the DH-3N8x series dynamo hubs to the USA this year. Also any other lighting news. Thanks!

  6. @dartanyon: Salsa booth -- I never made it to their booth, unfortunately, although they paid for my breakfast. I think Tim Grahl got some photos and details though he hasn't posted them yet at Commute By Bike.

    @Jennifer: grand prize was two of their high end folding bike. I guessed 26 bikes, the correct answer was 21 bikes.

    @josh: integrated design, not compatible with Xtra right now but Rans and Xtra are talking about making the Hammer Truck Xtra compatible. Xtra just recently announced their "open source" design spec.

    @meligrosa: Yeah, lots of those around.

    @JimG: Shimano was selling their $350 heat molded shoes for only $100 at the show, so it was difficult finding somebody to talk with at their booth. They were all busy fitting shoes to people. I managed to get on the waiting list for the shoes but, alas, they ran out.