Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keep the loonies on the path

All of you Rick Wright fans: Would you wear these "Dark Side of the Moon" bike shorts? Cool, or brain damaged?

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon bicycle shorts

Okay, then, how about the Dark Side of the Moon jersey?
Pink Floy Dark Side of the moon bicycle jersey

There's also a Dark Side women's jersey.

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon women's bicycle jersey

All of these are available through


  1. I think the title (or Dark side of the moon) would work better than the band name, just something about DSotM across my cycling backside makes me smile...

  2. ...loved the band from syd barrett's "the piper at the gates of dawn"'s "interstellar overdrive" through "dark side", "wish you were here" which was rog waters tribute to syd who'd gone to the dark side of the moon w/ the use of psychedelics, to breaking down "the wall" & on 'til "the final cut"...a seminal band undoubtedly, but wear the cycling gear ???... the last two albums, not so much...

  3. The shorts, maybe. If I was mountain biking on Monday night, and they were really comfy. Jersey, never.

    I do love that album though.

  4. Why aren't there any COOL rock-band cycling jerseys...I mean, KISS? Pink Floyd? Where are the Misfits or Black Sabbath jerseys?!?

  5. There are no cool R&R jerseys. Not possible. They all get worn by people who should not to come back tour shows.