Friday, May 15, 2009

Biking to the Bike Away From Work Bash

I saw this family on San Fernando Street in San Jose, where they were biking to the Bike Away from Work Bash at Plant 51 on Thursday evening.

Biking to the Bash

Here's a slideshow of my Bike To Work Day 2009 photos from yesterday.

Don't miss San Francisco State of Cycling.


  1. You missed me on a unicycle, but since it was a "Bike to Work Day" and not "Cycle to Work Day", I guess that did not count.

  2. Sorry I missed you Andy -- I thought you were joking when you said you were grabbing your unicycle! Sue said you were looking for me but I had to split to catch my bus -- I left about 6:45.

  3. I went to the second Bash tonight in Belmont and am happy to say that there were about 50 attendees, including 6 or 7 new SVBC members.

  4. Loved the slide show. As with most things, your bike to work event drew more than ours, but we're getting there. Thanks for sharing the pictures and video.

  5. Batavus family!! I am going to have to get a dutch bike ride going sometime soon! : )

  6. Alison: Sorry I couldn't make it to Belmont. Will I see you at Maker Faire?

    Adrienne: Great eye! Yes, both bikes are Batavus. I really should've gotten a wider view of them on their bikes.

    Jason: I saw that Tulsa recently got a BFC award -- well done!

  7. We're very proud, so thanks for noticing. The official presentation was made yesterday, and the mayor failed to show up. She goes on and on about wanting to make Tulsa a more "hip" community, but she snubs the cycling community. Oh well.
    The Tulsa World did a nice story in yesterday morning's paper, where a reporter accompanied me on my daily commute. Here is a link to the story:
    The comment stream is as interesting as the article.

  8. Aha! You're the same Jason that Ed "CycleDog" W mentioned. I didn't make that connection before. Thanks so much for stopping by here.