Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ride with Fritz, get free stuff

Happy Bay Area Bike To Work Day, everybody!

Ride with me in the Mountain View to San Jose bike convoy this evening and get free stuff (while supplies last).

The best (IMO) prize is the "Roadie" mirror for drop bars from CycleAware. I have one to give away. If you want it, be the first one I hear say "Cyclelicious rocks!" (or something to that effect).

CycleAware Roadie Mirror

The other stuff will be some Action Wipes body wipes (handy for the after ride bash at Plant 51) and degreaser wipes from Grease Monkey (handy for cleaning up after a tire or chain repair). I might have a couple of other goodies. I'll hand these out until I run out.

The plan is to start from Mountain View Caltrain after 5:30 PM. We'll wait for southbound Caltrain #266 (scheduled arrival 5:36 PM, though you can count on it being about two minutes late). Meet at the north end of the parking lot on the southbound platform side of the Castro Street train station.

I'll be on a gray Specialized Roubaix with red tires and a little GoPro HERO cam mounted somewhere on the bike.


  1. Hrm, so if I wanted to join up with the convoy where Evelyn goes through Sunnyvale, how would I join up?

  2. We'll leave Castro Street about 5:45 and go straight down Evelyn toward Monroe. Where should we find you and what should we look for?

  3. Hrm. So it looks like Evelyn and Sunnyvale, not far from the Sunnyvale CalTrain, is roughly equidistant from work as it is from Castro. So I'll probably leave about the same time and join up there.

    I look like 'cept I'll be wearing jeans and a blue/gray polo instead of bike shorts and a white shirt and the bike will have panniers instead of a trunk bag. Same bike.

  4. i might do this so i can board @caltrain at San Jose - a.k.a. no bumpville.

  5. 5:30 ain't gonna happen for me, unfortunately. That's about the time I get on the train in SF. But I think Jakki and I will probably make it to the event, I'll just be a bit late.

  6. Dear Fritz,

    Ever since you posted that video of yourself boarding a train, I have been thinking I need to organize a Go Pro HEROCAM intervention.

    The fact that you actually use your camera to describe yourself in 25 words or less really isn't making me feel any less worried for you.

    Your friend,

  7. Dear Kit,

    You've been reading too many of Jakki's psych texts, I think.

    Your pal,