Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Steve Larsen RIP

Velonews reports that athlete Steve Larsen passed last night of a heart attack during a work out. He was 39 years old.

Larsen raced with Lance Armstrong on the Motorola team in the 90s, he won the NORBA National Cross Country title in 1998 and 2000, and competed in world class triathlon events in 2001, finishing well.

Steve Larsen owned and was a regular contributor to, where he did product reviews.

This reminds me of runner Jim Fixx the runner and author of The Complete Book of Running who died of a heart attack after his daily run in 1984. I was a runner back then and I followed his running advice in his book religiously.

The cause of Larsen's death has not been determined.

I'm saddened at the loss of Larsen, who leaves behind five children and his wife Carrie. More at Bike Radar.

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  1. ...i'm stunned & saddened to hear the news...

    ...didn't know mr larsen personally although i met him numerous times...i remember having a great conversation w/ him one day & as i rode away, i thought to myself " cycling, the guy been there & done that & he's both as warm & genuine as they come"...

    ...a good friend of mine wrenched for steve larsen out on the circuit for many years...he always spoke in glowing terms of both the man & the athlete...RIP...