Thursday, May 14, 2009

Change your life, ride a bike!

Meli and Adrienne in San Francisco are a pair of friends to Cyclelicious, even if they didn't show up for my BBQ the other weekend! :-)

They've joined forces to start a new biking blog: Change Your Life Ride a Bike.

Photos by Adrienne.


  1. We're sorry : ( Scotts Valley is so far away... can we take you out for lunch in SJ? Or maybe an after work drink(s)? Meli and I both want to get together!!!!

    Thank you for the shout out : )

  2. Gaaaah! I know &Big congrats to your wife in her graduation :D
    It is def. a baking plan so, we will roll down there soon ♥yes thanks for the proppps

  3. I'm just giving you ladies a hard time -- I know it's a long trip down from San Francisco to Santa Cruz!