Friday, May 22, 2009

Cable lock fail

Seen this week in San Jose, California -- this cleanly cut thin cable lock.


  1. To that, I would like to suggest, BAD KARMA To Bike Thieves.

    Check out to fight back and send a message to Bike Thieves. It's just wrong.


  2. I always have a cable lock with me on my bike just because it's light enough that I don't think about it. I only use it for quick trips into the grocery store but even then--and even here in the East side of the lake from Seattle where bike theft is low--I worry.

    The problem: my other lock is a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock that weighs about 5 lbs. It's great protection but I just don't want to haul it around all the time.

    I suppose I should buy a cheaper, lighter u-lock to use instead of the cable lock.

  3. Is there a consensus on the best method(s) for securing one's bike nowadays? Obviously it depends on the neighborhood and other factors, but in general.

  4. Best Bike Locks - 2005 Tests
    good info and has current comments.

  5. eeek. a daily sight here in SF! :/

  6. Tommy: I had the NY Chain that weighs something like 20 lbs. It's so unwieldy that I carried it once, and then I gave it away as a prize during NAHBS 2008 in Portland, OR.

    Thanks for that info, Anon 7:10.

    End Pavement - send me a note if you write that article and I'll link to it :-)

    Meli: My wife is going up to the city in the morning for a conference and she's not bringing her bike specifically because theft is a problem there. It'll be BART to Powell St Station and then walk to the Marriot for her.